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Tile and Grout Cleaning

We use Truck-mounted equipment to high pressure steam clean your tile and grout.  We use up to 2500psi and 300 degree water to clean and sanitize.  Truck-mounted units are far superior to ANY other type of tile and grout cleaning.

Tile and Grout Sealer – FAQ’s

Q. Why is it important to have my Tile & Grout floor sealed?

A. Sealing your Unglazed Tile and Grout is the best way to protect your tile and grout from stains.  Our solvent-based, penetrating sealer soaks into the pores and prevents a spill from penetrating into the porous surface of the floor, giving you time to clean it up.  And clean-ups are a snap!  Simply blot fresh spills with a damp Microfiber cloth or paper towel, or lightly mist with Bona’s Floor Cleaner and wipe up with a Microfiber cloth. Our sealer will protect for many years, even after many cleanings with a steam mop.


Q. How does a sealer protect my floor?

A. Our solvent-based, penetrating sealer is absorbed into the pores of Natural Stone, Unglazed Tile, & Grout.  Our Sealer soaks into the “nooks and crannies” so that wet stains cannot get below the surface, and soil sits on the surface until it is swept or wiped away.  Water based sealers protect against dirt and simple spills, but must be reapplied often.  Solvent sealers last up to 20yrs.


Q. Why is it necessary for a professional to apply sealer?  Can’t I do it myself?

A. We have a proven track record of over 10yrs using our sealer.  Our professionals have the training, experience, The best truck-mounted equipment and tools, and a wide variety of sealers for all types of natural stone, tiles, and grout. Professional cleaning ensures proper preparation and a clean surface in order for the sealer to adhere correctly to the grout.  Professional application ensures complete protection for the entire surface of the floor.  Improper sealing can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the floor that is difficult, if not impossible, to remove.  We offer a 1 yr stain warranty, if you cannot get any stain out with our cleaner, we will return and remove the spot, free of charge.  Our grout sealer lasts up to 20yrs, if maintained as we recommend. See for details.  We are cheaper than the chiropractic visits you’ll need after a DIY job ;-)


Q. What do sealers protect against?

A. Our solvent-based, penetrating sealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids, prevents stains caused by food and beverages, and protects the surface from dirt and impurities.  We do not offer water based grout sealer as it does not work well in kitchens, baths, wet areas, and must be re-applied every couple of years.  We do not recommend to color stain grout, because it’s a cover up temporary fix and is easy to remove.  We will color seal under certain circumstances or if it’s our last choice before re-grouting. 


Q. Does a sealer alter the appearance of a Tile & Grout floor?

A. Some will, be careful.  Our sealers protect without changing the original color, texture, feel, or appearance of the surface.  However, we also offer color-enhancing sealers for natural stone, marble, granite, limestone, and masonry surfaces.


Q. Which is better, a water based color sealer or a solvent-based, penetrating sealer ?

A. Solvent-based, penetrating sealers are exponentially superior to water based color sealers.  Color sealers are designed to cover dirty grout.  We can clean what others claim to be stains, so we are able to use clear sealers.  Our penetrating sealer protects against ALL stains.  Water based sealers fail miserably against acidic stains, moisture, and even a simple steam mop. 


Q. What if my grout already has sealer in it, or if my grout is already stain resistant?

A. Some grouts claim to have sealers in them or added to them, but be cautious of the wording.  Stain resistant is drastically different than stain proof.  The reason even grout with sealer additives should be sealed after installation is because they are water based and the grout still remains porous.  Our solvent-based, penetrating sealer will soak into the grout, not allowing stains to soak in.     


Q. How should I maintain my sealed floor?

A. Steam mop is superior.  We provide you with literature on maintenance or you can print it off of our website, Caring for Hard Floors

Q. Will my floor ever have to be professionally cleaned and sealed again?

A. Possibly, but if you follow our system, you will enjoy easy to maintain floors for many years.  Sealing the grout provides a protective barrier to protect the grout, but if you use the incorrect cleaner, a residue can build up on top of the grout sealer as well as the tile itself.  If you use our system, you will enjoy new-looking floors for a long time.  The frequency will depend on the chemicals used, amount of traffic on them, frequency of spills, etc. Sealers make maintaining your floors much easier and more effective, yet not maintenance free.  We strive to teach you how to correctly maintain your floors so that you show them off for many years. 

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