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Garage Epoxy and
Urethane Flake Floors

We prefer to use Urethane instead of Epoxy, due to high UV exposure in Florida.  Our Urethane can be used outdoors, like around pool decks, lanais, driveways, etc.  Gas and oil spills clean up easily and even a little xylene, battery acid, or brake cleaner won't hurt it.  


Epoxy will yellow/amber, is moisture sensitive, and does not do well with battery acid, fuel, or solvents.

We grind failed coatings, sealers, paint, thin set, etc.   

Garage Floor Storage Trailer

Free Storage Trailer While We Finish Your Floors.  We will drop off the trailer a few days before we refinish your garage floor, so you have plenty of time to unload your garage.  Then we pick up the trailer after we refinish your floors and load up your garage.

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