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Floor Care Tips

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Ceramic, Porcelain, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone, Laminate, Finished Hardwood, Sheet Vinyl, VCT, & Terrazzo Floor Care Tips

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Ultimate Microfiber Cleaning Kit - Dry &
  • With proper maintenance, your tile surfaces will retain their “like new” appearance for many years to come.  We strive to teach you how to correctly maintain your floors, your referrals are very important to us.

  • To help you maximize your investment, we have prepared this sheet for you and your maintenance personnel as a reference.  Following our very simple system will keep your floors looking like the day we cleaned them.

  • The long-term buildup of soil particles, body oils, food and drink spills, detergent residue, and hard water mineral deposits caused your tile surfaces to dull, discolor, and appear unsanitary.  These accumulations resulted from the absorbent nature of porous tile and grout and the inability of conventional cleaning procedures to maintain tile surfaces to a clean and sanitary appearance.

  • Even if you elected to replace your tile or grout, incorrect maintenance will result in a dingy and dirty appearance within a short period of time.

  • All Surface Rejuvenations Plus’ cleaning, sealing, and maintenance system provides a protective shield filling the pores of the grout. This makes the grout easy to clean and resistant to future embedded contamination.  All Surface Rejuvenations Plus ensures the continuous sanitation and brilliance of your grouted surfaces through our Maintenance Service Plan.



Step 1: Sweep, vacuum, or use a dry Microfiber pad to remove loose sand, dirt, dust, animal hair, and other debris from floor before mopping.


Step 2: A steam mop is the best maintenance tool for residential use. A Microfiber flat mop dampened with Bona Hard Surface Cleaner is 2nd best. Make sure Microfiber pads are changed frequently and machine washed after EVERY use. String mops are the 3rd choice. Rinse mops and change the rinse water frequently. DO NOT soak the floor, less water left behind ensures best results. Machine wash string mops after EVERY use.

Step 3: Be sure floors are dry before any foot traffic.

Step 4: Refer your friends and neighbors to us, so their floors look great too.

Keep your floors as dry as possible and avoid puddles in the grout joints

Avoid strong alkaline, butyl or acid based cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, and vinegar.  For best results, keep mop and water as clean as possible!  Remember, dirty rinse water WILL NOT leave your floors clean.  DO NOT USE SWIFFER DRY PADS, SWIFFER WET-JET, spray mops, or sponge mops.  You may be surprised, but the “cleaners” you use are usually the cause of the residue on your tile and grout.  Measuring the amount of chemical used and following the manufacturer’s instructions is very important to properly maintain your floors.

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